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Beads & Microspheres - Magnetic Beads
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53014ChIP-IT Protein G Magnetic Beads (included in 53008 & 53009)25 reactionsActive Motif454.00 
53033ChIP-IT Protein G Magnetic Beads40 reactionsActive Motif309.00 
B23201Protein A/G Magnetic Beads forIP1 mlBimake89.00 
B23202Protein A/G Magnetic Beads forIP5 mlBimake375.00 
B26101Anti-Flag magnetic beads1 mlBimake392.00 
B26102Anti-Flag magnetic beads5 mlBimake1'227.00 
B26201Anti-HA magnetic beads1 mlBimake392.00 
B26202Anti-HA magnetic beads5 mlBimake1'227.00 
B26301Anti-Myc magnetic beads1 mlBimake392.00 
B26302Anti-Myc magnetic beads5 mlBimake1'227.00 
BA10600-100TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A100 testsSino Biological333.00 
BA10600-20TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A20 testsSino Biological114.00 
BAG001-100TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A/G100 testsSino Biological333.00 
BAG001-20TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A/G20 testsSino Biological114.00 
BG13103-100TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein G100 testsSino Biological333.00 
BG13103-20TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein G20 testsSino Biological114.00 
BL11044-100TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein L100 testsSino Biological333.00 
BL11044-20TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein L20 testsSino Biological114.00 
BMAB-20Binding Control Magnetic Agarose20 reactionsChromoTek105.00 
ORB532346-1MLAlkyne Magnetic Beads1 mlBiorbyt575.00 
ORB532347-1MLAzide Magnetic Beads1 mlBiorbyt575.00 
ORB532348-1MLDBCO Magnetic Beads1 mlBiorbyt575.00 
ORB668812-100MLMagnetic nanoparticles of iron100 mlBiorbyt292.00 
TB100378-100TESTSImmunoprecipitation Kit -V5 Tag Immunomagnetic Beads100 testsSino Biological589.00 
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