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Cell Culture & Transfection - Cell Culture Matrices
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
RL511-1050UGBG iMatrix-5111050 ugPeprotech930.00 
RL511-350UGBG iMatrix-511350 ugPeprotech390.00 
RL511S-1050UGBG iMatrix-511 Silk1050 ugPeprotech588.00 
RL511S-175UGBG iMatrix-511 Silk175 ugPeprotech129.00 
RL511S-350UGBG iMatrix-511 Silk350 ugPeprotech258.00 
V3D-10MLVitroGel 3D10 mlPeprotech231.00 
V3D-2MLVitroGel 3D2 mlPeprotech54.00 
V3D-DST1-100MLVitroGel Dilution Solution TYPE 1100 mlPeprotech39.00 
V3DR-10MLVitroGel 3D-RGD10 mlPeprotech288.00 
V3DR-2MLVitroGel 3D-RGD2 mlPeprotech69.00 
CM-1049X-100MLSuperCult 0.1% Gelatin Solution100 mlCreative Biomart
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RHE-24ZenSkin Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE) Kit. Included inthe RHE Kit is 24 ZenSkin RHEs, culture ware, DPBS, and 1%Triton-X 1001 kitZen-Bio, inc.1'167.00