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Cell Culture & Transfection - Serum Free & Specialty Media
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
21186-500MLLeucoprep Lymphocyte Separation Media500 mlINtRON Biotechnology245.00 
80026-1Recovery Medium, 8 x 12 mL1 eachLucigen186.00 
80030-1Expression Recovery Medium (lactose minus), 8 x 12 mL1 eachLucigen186.00 
AF-BM-HESC-R-100Basal Medium100 mlPeprotech66.00 
AF-BM-HESC-R-500Basal Medium500 mlPeprotech172.00 
AF-BMLP-HESC-100Low Protein Basal Medium100 mlPeprotech60.00 
AF-BMLP-HESC-500Low Protein Basal Medium500 mlPeprotech146.00 
AF-CD-CHOPeproGrow AF-CD-CHO Medium1LPeprotech93.00 
AF-CD-HEK293PeproGrow AF-CD-HEK293 Medium1LPeprotech93.00 
AF-CHOPeproGrow AF-CHO Medium1LPeprotech93.00 
AF-HESC-R-100PeproGrow AF hESC Medium 100mlKIT1 KITPeprotech93.00 
AF-HESC-R-500PeproGrow AF hESC Medium 500mlKIT500 mlPeprotech231.00 
AM-1Adipocyte Maintenance Medium,500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.192.00 
AM-1-250Adipocyte Maintenance Medium,250.0ml250.0 mlZen-Bio, inc.136.00 
AM-1-ABFAdipocyte Maintenance Medium WITHOUT antibiotics, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.212.00 
AM-1-BFAdipocyte Maintenance Medium,WITHOUT Biotin, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.212.00 
AM-1-DFAdipocyte Maintenance Medium,WITHOUT Dexamethasone, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.212.00 
AM-1-F1Feline Adipocyte Maintenance Medium, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.192.00 
AM-1-IFAdipocyte Maintenance Medium,WITHOUT Insulin, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.212.00 
AM-1-IF-DFAdipocyte Maintenance Medium,WITHOUT Insulin and Dexamethasone, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.212.00 
AM-1-L13T3-L1 Adipocyte Maintenance Medium, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.192.00 
AM-1-L1-ABF3T3-L1 Adipocyte Medium WITHOUT Antibiotics, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.202.00 
AM-1-L1-DF3T3-L1 Adipocyte Medium WITHOUT Dexamethasone, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.212.00 
AM-1-L1-IF3T3-L1 Adipocyte Medium WITHOUT Insulin, 500ml500 mlZen-Bio, inc.212.00 
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