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DNA & RNA Purification, Quantification & Detection - Nucleic Acid Detection & Analysis Kits
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M1155-500Image Green 100 bp DNA Marker100 loadsBioVision285.00 
M1156-500Image Green 1 kb DNA Marker100 loadsBioVision285.00 
M1157-5001 kb DNA Ladder100 loadsBioVision266.00 
M1158-500100 bp DNA Ladder100 loadsBioVision266.00 
M1164-100Evo cDNA Kit100 reactionsBioVision285.00 
M1164-25Evo cDNA Kit25 reactionsBioVision216.00 
M1165-100Novo cDNA Kit100 reactionsBioVision355.00 
M1165-25Novo cDNA Kit25 reactionsBioVision253.00 
M1167-100Novo Transcriptome cDNA Kit100 reactionsBioVision1'050.00 
M1167-25Novo Transcriptome cDNA Kit25 reactionsBioVision456.00 
M1168-100Evo cDNA Supermix100 reactionsBioVision386.00 
M1168-25Evo cDNA Supermix25 reactionsBioVision253.00 
M1169-100Novo cDNA Supermix100 reactionsBioVision456.00 
M1169-25Novo cDNA Supermix25 reactionsBioVision279.00 
M1191-500Wide range 1 kb DNA Ladder100 loadsBioVision266.00 
M1192-500Wide range 100 bp DNA Ladder100 loadsBioVision266.00 
M1193-1000Safe Image Basic DNA Stain1 mlBioVision216.00 
M1194-1000Safe Image Green DNA Stain1 mlBioVision216.00 
M1195-1000Safe Image Red DNA Stain1 mlBioVision216.00 
M1196-1000Safe Image White DNA Stain1 mlBioVision216.00 
M1197-1000Safe Image DNA Stain Pack3 mlBioVision216.00 
M1198-1000Safe Image Super DNA Stain1 mlBioVision216.00 
M1199-1000Safe Image Fire Red DNA Stain1 mlBioVision216.00 
17658Portelite Fluorimetric RNA Quantitation Kit*Optimized for Cytocite and Qubit Fluorometers*100 testsAAT Bioquest178.00 
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