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DNA & RNA Purification, Quantification & Detection(1)
DNA & RNA Purification, Quantification & Detection - Nucleic Acid Purification Kits & Reagents
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05086QuickStep 2 96 Well-PCR Purification Kit (No Receivers)50 platesEdgeBio6'020.00
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13100DNA Gel Extraction Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek146.00 
13300Plasmid MiniPrep Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek137.00 
14400PCR Purification Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek169.00 
17200Total RNA Purification Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek425.00 
17250Total RNA Purification Kit250 preparationsNorgen Biotek1'475.00 
17455Optima DTR 384-Well Plates10 platesEdgeBio1'512.00 
17900Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek215.00 
17950Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation 96-Well Kit2 well plateNorgen Biotek776.00 
18050BAC DNA MiniPrep Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek205.00 
18100Urine DNA Isolation Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek479.00 
21000Cytoplasmic & Nuclear RNA Purification Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek419.00 
21200Leukocyte RNA Purification Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek412.00 
21250Leukocyte RNA Purification Plus Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek414.00 
21300microRNA Purification Kit25 preparationsNorgen Biotek298.00 
21550Milk Bacterial DNA Isolation Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek383.00 
22550Urine Exfoliated Cell and Bacteria RNA Purification Kit25 preparationsNorgen Biotek290.00 
23006mTRAP Maxi6 reactionsActive Motif788.00 
23012mTRAP Total12 reactionsActive Motif616.00 
23024mTRAP Midi24 reactionsActive Motif854.00 
23506mTRAP Maxi5 x 6 reactionsActive Motif3'036.00 
23512mTRAP Total5 x 12 reactionsActive Motif2'348.00 
23524mTRAP Midi5 x 24 reactionsActive Motif3'300.00 
23600RNA Clean-Up and Concentration Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek333.00 
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