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DNA, RNA and Protein Standards - Other Controls & Standards
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17589Gelite Green Nucleic Acid Gel Staining Kit1 kitAAT Bioquest296.00 
17592Cyber Green [Equivalent to SYBR Green] *10,000X Aqueous PCR Solution*1 mlAAT Bioquest1'168.00 
17594Gelite Orange Nucleic Acid Gel Staining Kit1 kitAAT Bioquest296.00 
17610StrandBrite Green RNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution*1 mlAAT Bioquest411.00 
17611StrandBrite Green RNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution*10 mlAAT Bioquest2'323.00 
17655StrandBrite Green Fluorimetric RNA Quantitation Kit *Optimized for Microplate Readers*1000 testsAAT Bioquest411.00 
17656StrandBrite Green Fluorimetric RNA Quantitation Kit100 testsAAT Bioquest411.00 
2482-1000TNB1 gBioVision981.00 
2482-250TNB250 mgBioVision412.00 
2482-50TNB50 mgBioVision108.00 
97R-1004S-1KGHemoglobin Powder (bovine)1 kgFitzgerald Industries1'387.00 
B2813-1GSK-J2 (Sodium Salt)1 mgBioVision83.00 
B2813-5GSK-J2 (Sodium Salt)5 mgBioVision285.00 
C001-500ULFormaldehyde Standard, 500UL500 ulArbor Assays168.00 
C003-100ULCreatinine Standard, 100UL100 ulArbor Assays168.00 
C003-1MLCreatinine Standard, 1ML1 mlArbor Assays304.00 
C009-60ULRBP Standard, 60UL60 ulArbor Assays168.00 
C013-220ULN-Acetylcysteine Standard, 220UL220 ulArbor Assays168.00 
C014-240ULRBP Standard, 240UL240 ulArbor Assays292.00 
C014-60ULRBP Standard, 60UL60 ulArbor Assays168.00 
C016-100ULPalladium Standard, 100UL100 ulArbor Assays168.00 
C018-100ULGlutathione Standard, 100UL100 ulArbor Assays157.00 
C018-300ULGlutathione Standard, 300UL300 ulArbor Assays168.00 
C020-300ULOxidized Glutathione Standard,300UL300 ulArbor Assays168.00 
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