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Aviva Systems Biology(1)
DNA, RNA & Protein Standards(2)
DNA, RNA and Protein Standards - Protein Standards & Ladders
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
35R-AT01-SET-1SETCardiac Troponin I Calibrator Set1 setFitzgerald Industries1'598.00 
53083Spike-in Chromatin15 reactionsActive Motif355.00 
559SNAP Etide Unquenched Calibration Peptide for Product #55050 nmolList Biologicals429.00 
61686Spike-in Antibody50 ugActive Motif305.00 
ABX090664-50ULPrestained Dual Color Protein Molecular Weight Marker (1.7-40 kDa)50 ulAbbexa Ltd216.00 
ABX090665-100ULPrestained Dual Color Protein Molecular Weight Marker (10-170 kDa)100 ulAbbexa Ltd199.00 
ABX090666-100ULPrestained Dual Color Protein Molecular Weight Marker (10-250 kDa)100 ulAbbexa Ltd216.00 
ABX098957-15ULMolecular Weight Marker15 ulAbbexa Ltd67.00 
B2590-1000O-Propargyl-puromycin1 mgBioVision412.00 
B2590-500O-Propargyl-puromycin500 ugBioVision222.00 
B2843-1AGK71 mgBioVision83.00 
B2843-5AGK75 mgBioVision285.00 
B2850-25XY125 mgBioVision854.00 
B2850-5XY15 mgBioVision222.00 
B3060-25BAY-67725 mgBioVision905.00 
B3060-5BAY-6775 mgBioVision228.00 
B6066-10MGBisindolylmaleimide V, 10mg10 mgApex Bio782.00 
B6066-1MGBisindolylmaleimide V, 1mg1 mgApex Bio133.00 
B6066-25MGBisindolylmaleimide V, 25mg25 mgApex Bio1'662.00 
B6066-5MGBisindolylmaleimide V, 5mg5 mgApex Bio458.00 
B7190-10MGPP 3, 10mg10 mgApex Bio452.00 
C5646-1MGCollagen Binding Fragment1 mgLKT Laboratories187.00 
C5646-2MGCollagen Binding Fragment2 mgLKT Laboratories283.00 
C5646-5MGCollagen Binding Fragment5 mgLKT Laboratories462.00 
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