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Eukaryotic Cells & Tissues - Primary Cells
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BEA-FCryopreserved Plateable DOG (Beagle) Hepatocytes, >4 millioncells/vial1 vialZen-Bio, inc.1'262.00 
BEA-NPCCryopreserved Beagle Non-Parenchymal Cells:. min of 15 million cells/vial1 vialZen-Bio, inc.697.00 
BR-FCryopreserved, subcutaneous breast (1x106 cells)1 vialZen-Bio, inc.441.00 
BSM-FCryopreserved Human Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells (500,000/vial)1 vialZen-Bio, inc.761.00 
CBA-310MEF Feeder Cells1 vialCell Biolabs394.00 
CBA-311MEF Feeder Cells (Neomycin-resistant)1 vialCell Biolabs466.00 
CBA-312MEF Feeder Cells (Puromycin-resistant)1 vialCell Biolabs466.00 
CBA-313MEF Feeder Cells (Hygromycin-resistant)1 vialCell Biolabs466.00 
CBA-316SNL Feeder Cells1 vialCell Biolabs784.00 
CSC-C1862C57BL/6 Mouse Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells1 vialCreative Biomart3'606.00 
CSC-C1937mouse lung fibroblasts1 vialCreative Biomart2'649.00 
CSC-C4067XRenal Proximal Tubule Cells, Secondary, 500,000 cells per vialVial/0.5 Mio CellsCreative Biomart2'568.00 
CSC-C4145XRat Primary Thyroid EpithelialCells1 Frozen VialCreative Biomart2'964.00 
CSC-C4160XRat Primary Lung Fibroblasts1 vialCreative Biomart3'045.00 
CSC-C8047LC57 Mouse Mixed Astrocytes1 vialCreative Biomart3'210.00 
CSC-C9762LYD-91 flaskCreative Biomart2'104.00 
DFD-FCryopreserved, Dermal Fibroblasts (1x106 cells)-DIABETIC Donor1 vialZen-Bio, inc.673.00 
DF-FCryopreserved, Dermal Fibroblasts (1x106 cells)1 vialZen-Bio, inc.403.00 
DF-F-PSCryopreserved, Dermal Fibroblasts, PSORIASIS Donor (1x106 cells1 vialZen-Bio, inc.980.00 
DFMK-FMatched Set-Cryopreserved Dermal Fibroblasts (1x106 cells) and Keratinocytes (500,000 cell2 vialsZen-Bio, inc.995.00 
DFMP-FMatched Set-Cryopreserved, dermal fibroblasts (1x106 cells)and SQ preadipocytes (2 x 106)2 vialsZen-Bio, inc.1'021.00 
DFN-FCryopreserved Dermal Fibroblasts, NEONATAL, Single Donor (0.5x106 cells)1 vialZen-Bio, inc.445.00 
DMES-FCryopreserved Mesothelial Cells(1x106 cells) DIABETIC DONOR1 vialZen-Bio, inc.1'324.00 
HBE-FCryopreserved Human Bladder Epithelial Cells (500,000 cells/vial)1 vialZen-Bio, inc.980.00 
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