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Kits & Assays - Biochemical Assay Kits
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16365Amplite Fluorimetric Extracellular Nitric Oxide (NO) Activity Assay Kit100 TestsAAT Bioquest450.00 
20040CytoWatch trehalose hexaacetate *Cell-permeable*100 mgAAT Bioquest395.00 
21235Spexyte Intracellular pH Calibration Buffer Kit100 TestsAAT Bioquest285.00 
21601Readiuse Rapid Luminometric ATP Assay Kit100 TestsAAT Bioquest175.00 
21602Readiuse Rapid Luminometric ATP Assay Kit1000 TestsAAT Bioquest505.00 
21603Readiuse Rapid Luminometric ATP Assay Kit10000 TestsAAT Bioquest3'316.00 
21608PhosphoWorks Luminometric ATPAssay Kit *Steady Glow*10 PlatesAAT Bioquest1'115.00 
21617PhosphoWorks Colorimetric ATPAssay Kit100 TestsAAT Bioquest505.00 
21620PhosphoWorks Fluorimetric ATPAssay Kit100 TestsAAT Bioquest505.00 
21655PhosphoWorks Fluorimetric ADPAssay Kit *Red Fluorescence*100 TestsAAT Bioquest450.00 
21659PhosphoWorks Colorimetric MESGPhosphate Assay Kit *UV absorption*200 TestsAAT Bioquest395.00 
21660PhosphoWorks Fluorimetric Phosphate Assay Kit *Red Fluorescence*125 TestsAAT Bioquest395.00 
21665PhosphoWorks Colorimetric Phosphate Assay Kit *Blue Color*1000 TestsAAT Bioquest285.00 
36310Cell Meter Flow Cytometric Calcium Assay Kit100 TestsAAT Bioquest615.00 
36312Cell Meter No Wash and Probenecid-Free Endpoint Calcium Assay Kit *Optimized for microplat100 TestsAAT Bioquest505.00 
38000Screen Quest Amylin 3 ReceptorEachAAT Bioquest70.00 
38001Screen Quest Cannabinoid ReceptorEachAAT Bioquest70.00 
38002Screen Quest Chemokine (C-C) Receptor 2BEachAAT Bioquest70.00 
38003Screen Quest Chemokine (C-X-Cmotif) Receptor 4EachAAT Bioquest70.00 
38004Screen Quest Dopamine Receptor1 (DRD1)EachAAT Bioquest70.00 
38005Screen Quest Glucagon-like Receptor 1 (GLP1R)EachAAT Bioquest70.00 
38006Screen Quest Opiate Receptor-like 1 (ORL1EachAAT Bioquest70.00 
AE002Peroxidase Substrate Kit AEC,2 Components1000 TestsNordic-MUBio BV203.00 
AE002-3Peroxidase Substrate Kit AEC,2 Components3000 TestsNordic-MUBio BV388.00 
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