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Kits & Assays - Microbial Isolation & Concentration Kits
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
0003330ETM50 setsAlpha-Tec148.00 
0003367ETM50 vialsAlpha-Tec106.00 
0003480XPR-PLUS Buffer50 x 50 mlAlpha-Tec209.00 
0003928NAC-PAC UNITARY Specimen Tubes20 tubesAlpha-Tec76.00 
0003939NPC-67 Neutralizing Buffer50 x 40 mlAlpha-Tec209.00 
0003940NPC-67 Neutralizing Buffer50 x 50 mlAlpha-Tec209.00 
0003941NPC-67 Neutralizing Buffer8 x 250 mlAlpha-Tec136.00 
0003942NPC-67 Neutralizing Buffer10 x 500 mlAlpha-Tec268.00 
0004045PRS Funnels - 100 sets100 setsAlpha-Tec199.00 
0004060PARA-PRO fc-5050 setsAlpha-Tec201.00 
0004302NAC-PAC RED5 x 50 mlAlpha-Tec101.00 
0004303NAC-PAC RED5 x 50 mlAlpha-Tec101.00 
0004304NAC-PAC RED5 x 50 mlAlpha-Tec101.00 
0004305NAC-PAC RED5 x 50 mlAlpha-Tec101.00 
0004306NAC-PAC RED5 x 200 mlAlpha-Tec205.00 
0004307NAC-PAC RED5 x 200 mlAlpha-Tec205.00 
0004308NAC-PAC RED5 x 200 mlAlpha-Tec205.00 
0004309NAC-PAC RED5 x 200 mlAlpha-Tec205.00 
0004510PRB Pellet Resuspension Buffer50 x 3 mlAlpha-Tec108.00 
0004512PRB Pellet Resuspension Buffer10 x 50 mlAlpha-Tec159.00 
0004628CONSED1 lAlpha-Tec98.00 
0004805OxA Reagent Kit15 testsAlpha-Tec145.00 
0004810NAC-PAC UNITARY Reagent Set 3%20 testsAlpha-Tec159.00 
0004813NAC-PAC EA3 with NALC powder (3%)60 testsAlpha-Tec412.00 
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