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Kits & Assays - Oxidative Stress / Damage Kits
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
16053ROS Brite DHCF1 mgAAT Bioquest304.00 
22470FunXite-1100 ulAAT Bioquest304.00 
40020Nitric Oxide Quantitation Kit2 x 96 reactionsActive Motif649.00 
55R-1344-200ASSAYSNitric Oxide Assay Kit200 assaysFitzgerald Industries912.00 
ABX090678-100TESTSTotal Antioxidant Capacity Assay Kit (Colorimetric Method)100 testsAbbexa Ltd265.00 
ABX096005-100ASSAYSGlutathione Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd348.00 
ABX096010-100ASSAYSLipid Peroxidation (MDA) Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd348.00 
ABX096011-100ASSAYSHydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd315.00 
ABX097981-100ASSAYSThiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances (TBARS) Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd315.00 
ABX298814-100ASSAYSAscorbic Acid Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd663.00 
ABX298829-100ASSAYSNitric Oxide Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd381.00 
ABX298877-100ASSAYSTotal Antioxidant Capacity Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd398.00 
ABX298898-100ASSAYSSuperoxide Anion Assay Kit100 assaysAbbexa Ltd448.00 
ARG81192-96ASSAYSIntracellular ROS Assay Kit (Fluorometric)96 assaysArigo Biolaboratories1'013.00 
ARG82138-100TESTSAscorbic Acid Assay Kit (Colorimetric)100 testsArigo Biolaboratories775.00 
ARG82222-2X96WELLSHydroxyl Radical Antioxidant Capacity (HORAC) Activity AssayKit (Fluorometric)2 x 96 wellsArigo Biolaboratories907.00 
ARG82578-200ASSAYSLipid Peroxidation (MDA) Assay Kit200 assaysArigo Biolaboratories1'105.00 
FR35TBARS, Cuvette Format40 samplesOxford Biomedical474.00 
FR40TBARS, Colorimetric Microplate Format40 samplesOxford Biomedical299.00 
FR40.5TBARS, Colorimetric Microplate Format, 5 Pack40 samplesOxford Biomedical1'031.00 
FR45TBARS, Fluorometric Microplate Format40 samplesOxford Biomedical317.00 
FS50TBARS Assay for Food and Beverages1 kitOxford Biomedical299.00 
K006-F1Glutathione Fluorescent Detection Kit (1 Plate)1 x 96 well plateArbor Assays456.00 
K006-F1DGlutathione Fluorescent 384-Well Detection Kit (2 Plate)2 x 384 well plateArbor Assays770.00 
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