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Kits & Assays - Protein Analysis Kits
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
11105Amplite Fluorimetric Protein Quantitation Kit *Orange Fluorescence*500 testsAAT Bioquest296.00 
11109Portelite Fluorimetric Protein Quantitation Kit *Optimized for CytoCite and Qubit Fluorometers*100 testsAAT Bioquest157.00 
11111Portelite Fluorimetric Protein Quantitation Kit *Optimized for CytoCite and Qubit Fluorometers*500 testsAAT Bioquest296.00 
15001ProStain Protein Quantification Kit1000 rxnsActive Motif451.00 
15002Albumin Blue Fluorescent Assay Kit1 kitActive Motif451.00 
ADV02-APrecision Red Advanced ProteinAssay (1X conc)1 x 500 mlCytoskeleton232.00 
ADV02-BPrecision Red Advanced ProteinAssay (1X conc)3 x 500 mlCytoskeleton518.00 
AKR-120GFP Quantitation Kit100 assaysCell Biolabs598.00 
AKR-171Nuclear/Cytosolic Fractionation Kit20 preparationsCell Biolabs274.00 
AKR-172Nuclear/Cytosolic Fractionation Kit100 preparationsCell Biolabs676.00 
AKR-185High Sensitivity Protein Quantitation Assay Kit (Fluorometric)200 assaysCell Biolabs364.00 
AR0146-1KITBCA Protein Assay Kit1 kitBoster Bio118.00 
AR0146-1L-1KITBCA Protein Assay Kit1 kitBoster Bio522.00 
AR0146-500-1KITBCA Protein Assay Kit1 kitBoster Bio326.00 
AR0171-1KITSilver Stain kit1 kitBoster Bio176.00 
AR1110-1KITMicro BCA Protein Assay Kit1 kitBoster Bio153.00 
CT54Human Fibrinogen Antigen Assay1 kitOxford Biomedical544.00 
E111-01Bradford Protein Quantification Kit500 reactionsVAZYME40.00 
E111-02Bradford Protein Quantification Kit1000 reactionsVAZYME72.00 
E112-01BCA Protein Quantification Kit250 reactionsVAZYME40.00 
E112-02BCA Protein Quantification Kit500 reactionsVAZYME65.00 
E211-01Detergent Compatible Bradford Protein Quantification Kit500 reactionsVAZYME98.00 
K001BCA Protein Assay Kit500 assaysFine Test223.00 
K002BradFord Protein Assay Kit1000 assaysFine Test366.00 
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