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08 3-025SBSupport base for micomanipulator, Nanoject II & III1 eachSLG Südlabor250.00 
08 3-030KSpare part kit for Nanoject III1 eachSLG Südlabor120.00 
083-032-1PIECEFoot Switch for Nanoject III1 eachSLG Südlabor420.00 
1001500Genapsys Sequencer1 eachGenapsys16'293.00
Price on request
1002470Genapsys Sequencing Prep Station1 eachGenapsys16'146.00
Price on request
10054Amplite Fluorimetric Glutamic Acid Assay Kit *Red Fluorescence*200 testsAAT Bioquest304.00 
10055Amplite Fluorimetric Glutathione Assay Kit *Green Fluorescence*200 testsAAT Bioquest304.00 
10056Amplite Fluorimetric Glutathione GSH/GSSG Ratio Assay Kit *Green Fluorescence*200 testsAAT Bioquest422.00 
142602MODEL 280 UV DETECTOR, 230V, EUROPEAN, CE MARKED, INCLUDE BOTH 254 AND 280 NM1 eachSpectrum Laboratories5'968.00
Price on request
15266ReadiUse NADP Regenerating Kit200 testsAAT Bioquest363.00 
1999-1Magnetic Separator (Re-usable)1 eachBioVision279.00 
20009ReadiUse microscope mounting solution50 mlAAT Bioquest162.00 
20010ReadiUse 4% formaldehyde fixation solution50 mlAAT Bioquest162.00 
24TVB0515-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,combination 15 x 0.5 and 20 x1.5ml1PieceSLG Südlabor456.00 
24TVB0650-1PIECEBlock, for SLG Thermo Vortex 6x 50 ml centrifuge Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor636.00 
24TVB1215-1PIECEBlock, for SLG Thermo Vortex 12 x 15 ml centrifuge Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor636.00 
24TVB2412-1PIECEBlock, for SLG Thermo Vortex 24 x ├ś12 mm tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor636.00 
24TVB3515-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,35 x 1,5 ml Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor489.00 
24TVB3520-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,35 x 2,0 ml Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor489.00 
24TVB9602-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,96 x 0.2ml or one PCR plate1PieceSLG Südlabor534.00 
24TVB-DWMP-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex one Deep Well Micro Plate1PieceSLG Südlabor548.00 
24TVB-MP-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex one Micro Plate1PieceSLG Südlabor548.00 
57624MagWell Magnetic Separator 96 - 1 each1 eachEdgeBio829.00 
AC-C1Standard Combs for Mupid-One (2)2 eachNippon Genetics Europe GmbH106.00 
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