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08 3-025SBSupport base for micomanipulator, Nanoject II & III1 eachSLG Südlabor250.00 
08 3-030KSpare part kit for Nanoject III1 eachSLG Südlabor120.00 
083-032-1PIECEFoot Switch for Nanoject III1 eachSLG Südlabor420.00 
1001500Genapsys Sequencer1 eachGenapsys16'293.00
Price on request
1002470Genapsys Sequencing Prep Station1 eachGenapsys16'146.00
Price on request
10054Amplite Fluorimetric Glutamic Acid Assay Kit *RedFluorescence*200 testsAAT Bioquest296.00 
10055Amplite Fluorimetric Glutathione Assay Kit *GreenFluorescence*200 testsAAT Bioquest296.00 
10056Amplite Fluorimetric Glutathione GSH/GSSG Ratio Assay Kit *Green Fluorescence*200 testsAAT Bioquest411.00 
124701CHART RECORDER, SINGLE PEN, 230 V, 50/60 HZ (CE & ROHS), INCL. 1 PEN & 1 ROLL OF PAPER1 eachSpectrum Laboratories4'178.00 
124706CHART RECORDER, DUAL PEN, 230V, 50/60 HZ (CE & ROHS), INCL.SET OF PENS & 1 ROLL OF PAPER1 eachSpectrum Laboratories4'926.00 
142602MODEL 280 UV DETECTOR, 230V, EUROPEAN, CE MARKED, INCLUDE BOTH 254 AND 280 NM1 eachSpectrum Laboratories5'968.00
Price on request
15266ReadiUse NADP Regenerating Kit200 testsAAT Bioquest354.00 
1999-1Magnetic Separator (Re-usable)1 eachBioVision252.00 
20009ReadiUse microscope mounting solution50 mlAAT Bioquest157.00 
20010ReadiUse 4% formaldehyde fixation solution50 mlAAT Bioquest157.00 
24TVB0515-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,combination 15 x 0.5 and 20 x1.5ml1PieceSLG Südlabor456.00 
24TVB0650-1PIECEBlock, for SLG Thermo Vortex 6x 50 ml centrifuge Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor636.00 
24TVB1215-1PIECEBlock, for SLG Thermo Vortex 12 x 15 ml centrifuge Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor636.00 
24TVB2412-1PIECEBlock, for SLG Thermo Vortex 24 x ├ś12 mm tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor636.00 
24TVB3515-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,35 x 1,5 ml Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor489.00 
24TVB3520-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,35 x 2,0 ml Tubes1PieceSLG Südlabor489.00 
24TVB9602-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex ,96 x 0.2ml or one PCR plate1PieceSLG Südlabor534.00 
24TVB-DWMP-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex one Deep Well Micro Plate1PieceSLG Südlabor548.00 
24TVB-MP-1PIECEBlock for SLG Thermo Vortex one Micro Plate1PieceSLG Südlabor548.00 
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