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Lab Instruments & Equipment - Imaging, Microscopy, & Microarray Accessories
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
08 3-025SBSupport base for micomanipulator, Nanoject II & III1 eachSLG Südlabor250.00 
08 3-030KSpare part kit for Nanoject III1 eachSLG Südlabor120.00 
15266ReadiUse NADP Regenerating Kit200 testsAAT Bioquest354.00 
20009ReadiUse microscope mounting solution50 mlAAT Bioquest157.00 
20010ReadiUse 4% formaldehyde fixation solution50 mlAAT Bioquest157.00 
CBG100CytoCite BG100 Portable Fluorometer1 eachAAT Bioquest2'380.00 
CGR100CytoCite GR100 Portable Fluorometer1 eachAAT Bioquest2'958.00 
ELA00BFILLBrightfield Illuminator LS620/560/4601 eachEtaluma413.00 
ELA00LHLight Hood1 eachEtaluma75.00 
ELA00PHHolder for 35 mm Petri dishes,fits inside Holder for 60mm Petri dishes & Terasaki plates1 eachEtaluma109.00 
ELA00SHHolder for microscope slides &50 mm Petri dishes, SBS outerdimensions1 eachEtaluma196.00 
ELA00THHolder for 60 mm Petri dishes& Terasaki plates, SBS outer dimensions1 eachEtaluma123.00 
ELA04SHHolder for 4 microscope slidesin parallel, SBS outer dimension carrier1 eachEtaluma184.00 
ELABFILLBrightfield Illuminator, compatible with LS600 and LS620eachEtaluma345.50 
ELAPHASE600OLPPhase Contrast Accessory LS620/LS560/LS460 (Olympus)1 eachEtaluma3'554.00 
ELAPHASE720OLPPhase Contrast Accessory LS720(Olympus)1 eachEtaluma5'351.00
Price on request
ELAXYST600Manual XY Stage for LS620, LS620, LS520, LS560, LS420, LS4601 eachEtaluma873.00 
ELL0004B5224x U Plan Fluorite Objective,NA 0.13, WD 17 mm (Olympus UPLFLN4X)1 eachEtaluma745.00 
ELL0004C522IPC4x U Plan Fluorite Phase IPC Objective, NA 0.13 WD 17 mm (Olympus UPLFLN4XIPC)1 eachEtaluma998.00 
ELL0004FPLN44x Plan Achromat Objective, NA0.10, WD 11.9 mm, CGT 0.17 mm(FPLN)1 eachEtaluma245.00 
ELL0004PHCCIS Plan Achromat Phase PL Ph4x objective lenseachEtaluma315.00 
ELL000F4MA1012F4x Plan Apochromat Objective, NA 0.13, WD 17.2 mm, CGT 0.17 mm (Meiji MA1012)1 eachEtaluma877.00 
ELL000F4MA849F4x TC Plan Achromat objective, NA 0.13, WD 17.5mm, CGT 1 mm (Meiji MA849)1 eachEtaluma799.00 
ELL0010B52410x U Plan Fluorite Objective,NA 0.3, WD 10 mm (Olympus UPLFLN10X2)1 eachEtaluma1'303.00 
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