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Lab Instruments & Equipment - Imaging, Microscopy, & Microarray Accessories
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
15266ReadiUse NADP Regenerating Kit200 testsAAT Bioquest363.00 
20009ReadiUse microscope mounting solution50 mlAAT Bioquest162.00 
20010ReadiUse 4% formaldehyde fixation solution50 mlAAT Bioquest162.00 
CBG100CytoCite BG100 Portable Fluorometer1 eachAAT Bioquest2'450.00 
CGR100CytoCite GR100 Portable Fluorometer1 eachAAT Bioquest3'045.00 
ELA00BFILLBrightfield Illuminator LS620/560/4601 eachEtaluma409.00 
ELA00LHLight Hood1 eachEtaluma29.00 
ELA00PHHolder for 35 mm Petri dishes, fits inside Holder for 60mm Petri dishes & Terasaki plates1 eachEtaluma66.00 
ELA00SHHolder for microscope slides & 50 mm Petri dishes1 eachEtaluma163.00 
ELA00THHolder for 60 mm Petri dishes & Terasaki plates1 eachEtaluma82.00 
ELA04MHAluminum microplate frame holder for 4 microscope slides inparallel with magnetic immobilization lids (Ibidi 80030 and80031)1 eachEtaluma1'003.00 
ELA04SHPlastic microplate frame holder for 4 microscope slides in parallel (Thor C4SH01)1 eachEtaluma150.00 
ELALSTBLumascope Tablet Mount, cannot be used in conjunction with phase contrast, brightfield, nor XY stage.1 eachEtaluma325.00 
ELAPHASE600OLPPhase Contrast Accessory LS620/LS560/LS460 (Olympus)1 eachEtaluma3'674.00 
ELAXYST600Manual XY Stage for LS620, LS600, LS560, LS4601 eachEtaluma923.00 
ELC0AIN1All In One Computer for LS Microscope control with pre-installed Lumaview software (recommended).1 eachEtaluma2'420.00 
ELL0004B5224x U Plan Fluorite Objective, NA 0.13, WD 17 mm (Olympus UPLFLN4X)1 eachEtaluma797.00 
ELL0004C522IPC4x U Plan Fluorite Phase IPC Objective, NA 0.13 WD 17 mm (Olympus UPLFLN4XIPC)1 eachEtaluma1'104.00 
ELL00100B53522100x U Plan Fluorite Oil Objective, NA 1.30,WD 0.20 mm (Olympus UPLFLN100XO2-2)1 eachEtaluma3'333.00 
ELL0010B52410x U Plan Fluorite Objective, NA 0.3, WD 10 mm (Olympus UPLFLN10X2)1 eachEtaluma1'434.00 
ELL0010C144IPC10x Achromat Phase IPC Objective, NA 0.25,WD 8.8 mm (OlympusCACHN10XIPC)1 eachEtaluma512.00 
ELL0020B37520x LWD U Plan FL Objective with c-collar, NA 0.45, WD 6.4-7.8 mm, CGT 0-2 mm (Olympus LUCPLFLN20X)1 eachEtaluma2'539.00 
ELL0020B52520x LWD U Plan Fluorite Objective, NA 0.5, WD 2.1 mm, CGT 0.17 mm (Olympus UPLFLN20X)1 eachEtaluma1'824.00 
ELL0020C145IPC20x LWD Achromat Phase IPC Objective, NA 0.4,WD 3.2 mm (Olympus LCACHN20XIPC)1 eachEtaluma1'299.00 
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