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Lab Reagents & Chemicals - Immunoassay Buffers & Reagents
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
1045iFluor 710 succinimidyl ester1 mgAAT Bioquest296.00 
2828-252-Deoxy-6-thioguanosine25 mgBioVision741.00 
2828-52-Deoxy-6-thioguanosine5 mgBioVision184.00 
5605cOVA *Optimized for Maximum Immunization Response*10 mgAAT Bioquest296.00 
5606hOVA *Optimized for Maximum Immunization Response*10 mgAAT Bioquest296.00 
703Bodi Fluor R6G NHS Ester [equivalent to Bodipy R6G, NHS Ester]5 mgAAT Bioquest296.00 
85R-1009-1MLAvidin-HRP1 mlFitzgerald Industries349.00 
85R-1009-500ULAvidin-HRP500 ulFitzgerald Industries252.00 
85R-101-1LITERAlkaline Phosphatase Conjugate Stabilizer1 lFitzgerald Industries704.00 
85R-102-1LITERHRP Conjugate Stabilizer1 lFitzgerald Industries704.00 
85R-103-1LITERImmunoassay Stabilizer1 lFitzgerald Industries632.00 
85R-103-1LITER-1LImmunoassay Stabilizer1 lFitzgerald Industries632.00 
85R-103BF-1LITER-1LImmunoassay Stabilizer (BSA free)1 lFitzgerald Industries632.00 
85R-119-250MLTMB Weakener250 mlFitzgerald Industries587.00 
85R-123-100MLStop/Elution Solution100 mlFitzgerald Industries211.00 
85R-123-250MLStop/Elution Solution250 mlFitzgerald Industries232.00 
85R-124-100MLBinding/Coating Buffer (10X)100 mlFitzgerald Industries224.00 
85R-126-250MLWash Buffer (20X Concentrate)250 mlFitzgerald Industries285.00 
AR0144-500MLTBS Wash Buffer Pack500 mlBoster Bio72.00 
AR1155-500MLPBS Wash Buffer Pack500 mlBoster Bio78.00 
DE006-250Unmasking fluid E, TRIS-buffered EDTA solution, pH9250 mlNordic-MUBio BV161.00 
DE007Unmasking Fluid G, Glycol based250 mlNordic-MUBio BV152.00 
DE110Unmasking Fluid P ( 0.1% Pronase)5 mlNordic-MUBio BV121.00 
E102TMB One Component Substrate2 x 60 mlBethyl61.00 
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