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Lab Reagents & Chemicals - Microscopy Reagents
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
0003355Mayers Albumin30 mlAlpha-Tec125.00 
20005FluoroQuest Anti fading Mounting Medium with DAPI20 mlAAT Bioquest285.00 
85R-124-250MLBinding/Coating Buffer (10X)250 mlFitzgerald Industries310.00 
99-MED-3MLMounting Media3 mlFitzgerald Industries302.00 
ABX090690-10MLAnti Fade Mounting Medium (With DAPI)10 mlAbbexa Ltd183.00 
ABX090691-10MLAnti Fade Mounting Medium (With PI)10 mlAbbexa Ltd183.00 
ABX090692-10MLAnti Fade Mounting Medium10 mlAbbexa Ltd183.00 
AR0003-10MLPoly-L-Lysine Solution10 mlBoster Bio95.00 
AR0036-500ASSAYSPVP Antifade Mounting Medium500 assaysBoster Bio95.00 
AR1018-5X10MLAqueous Mounting Medium5 x 10 mlBoster Bio95.00 
AR1109-10MLAntifade Mounting Medium10 mlBoster Bio78.00 
CTS011Mounting Medium15 mlNovus Biologicals
Price on request
GRP1081Mounting Medium (non-fading)3 mlGerman Research Products215.00 
GTX30922ImmunoHistoMount30 mlGeneTex108.00 
GTX30923Organo/Limonene Mount30 mlGeneTex108.00 
GTX30924Immuno In Situ Mount30 mlGeneTex108.00 
GTX30928ImmunoFluoroMount30 mlGeneTex108.00 
GTX30930Immuno Mount with DABCO30 mlGeneTex120.00 
MON-APP188Monosan Aqueous Mount30 mlMonosan
Price on request
MON-APP189Monosan Aqueous Mount60 mlMonosan
Price on request
OJ7310.0015Immersion oil fluorescence-free 'dropper-bottle'15 mlLubioScience51.00 
OKRA00045-15MLPolyMount Mounting Media MaxTag Histo (OKRA00045)15 mlAviva Systems Biology135.00 
OOMB00002-6MLLightOn Anti Fade Mounting Media for Immunofluorescence ICC& IHC (OOMB00002)6 mlAviva Systems Biology143.00 
OOSA09601-30MLPERMANENT AQUEOUS MOUNTING MEDIUM (OOSA09601)30 mlAviva Systems Biology292.00 
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