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Lab Reagents & Chemicals - Water
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26400Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit (0.22 um)25 preparationsNorgen Biotek630.00 
26450Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit (0.45 uM)25 preparationsNorgen Biotek630.00 
26480Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit50 preparationsNorgen Biotek630.00 
28002Nuclease-Free Water - 100 x 1.25 mL100 x 1.25 mlNorgen Biotek149.00 
28014Nuclease-Free Water100 mlNorgen Biotek67.00 
28015Nuclease-Free Water500 mlNorgen Biotek96.00 
28016Nuclease-Free Water1000 mlNorgen Biotek126.00 
888881Purified Water <1mS/cm10 lKalon / Clin-Tech99.00 
888882Purified Water <1mS/cm20 lKalon / Clin-Tech138.00 
888885Purified Water <1mS/cm5 lKalon / Clin-Tech72.00 
ABX098144-25MLddH2O25 mlAbbexa Ltd150.00 
ABX098145-25MLRNase-Free water25 mlAbbexa Ltd150.00 
LC6330-1LLCMS Water 1 L1 lProteochem115.00 
LC6330-4LLCMS Water 4 L4 lProteochem245.00 
LC6330-4X4LLCMS Water 4 x 4 L4 x 4 lProteochem575.00 
LC6331-1LLCMS Water with 0.1% Acetic Acid v/v 1 L1 lProteochem131.00 
LC6332-1LLCMS Water with 0.1% Formic Acid v/v 1 L1 lProteochem131.00 
LC6333-1LLCMS Water with 0.1% TFA v/v 1 L1 lProteochem131.00 
LC6334-1LLCMS Water with 0.1% Formic Acid and 0.01% TFA v/v1 L1 lProteochem136.00 
LC6430-1LHPLC Water 1 L1 lProteochem107.00 
LC6430-4LHPLC Water 4 L4 lProteochem176.00 
LC6430-4X4LHPLC Water 4 x 4 L4 x 4 lProteochem453.00 
LC6433-1LHPLC Water with 0.1% TFA v/v 1 L1 lProteochem119.00 
M006-1Nuclease-Free Water, 1.8ml1.8 mlCygnus Technologies
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