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Labeling & Detection Reagents - Gel & Membrane Stains
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
1203-10Ethidium Bromide10 mlBioVision95.00 
17604Cyber Green Nucleic Acid Gel Stain [Equivalent to SYBR Green] *10,000X DMSO Solution*100 ulAAT Bioquest304.00 
22415MycoLight Rapid Fluorescence Gram-Positive Bacteria StainingKit100 testsAAT Bioquest422.00 
ABX082400-10GCoomassie brilliant blue R-25010 gAbbexa Ltd216.00 
ABX082400-5GCoomassie brilliant blue R-2505 gAbbexa Ltd166.00 
ABX082402-25GCoomassie brilliant blue G-25025 gAbbexa Ltd216.00 
ABX082402-5GCoomassie brilliant blue G-2505 gAbbexa Ltd166.00 
ABX082561-25GCoomassie brilliant blue R-25025 gAbbexa Ltd216.00 
ABX082561-5GCoomassie brilliant blue R-2505 gAbbexa Ltd166.00 
ABX082562-25GCoomassie brilliant blue G-25025 gAbbexa Ltd216.00 
ABX082562-5GCoomassie brilliant blue G-2505 gAbbexa Ltd166.00 
ABX090652-200MLCoomassie Brilliant Blue Fast Staining Solution200 mlAbbexa Ltd183.00 
ABX090653-1KITCoomassie Brilliant Blue Gel Staining Kit1 kitAbbexa Ltd166.00 
ABX090654-5GCoomassie Brilliant Blue G2505 gAbbexa Ltd166.00 
ABX090655-5GCoomassie Brilliant Blue R2505 gAbbexa Ltd166.00 
ABX299720-2X500MLCoomassie Blue Protein Staining Solution2 x 500 mlAbbexa Ltd348.00 
AR0140-1KITCoomassie Blue Staining Destaining Solution1 kitBoster Bio84.00 
AR0142-100-100MLPonceau S solution100 mlBoster Bio78.00 
AR0145-1KITCoomassie (Bradford) Protein Assay Kit1 kitBoster Bio84.00 
AR0170-100MLCoomassie Blue Fast Staining Solution100 mlBoster Bio95.00 
B1714-10GBROMOTHYMOL BLUE10 gPhytotech96.00 
B1714-25GBROMOTHYMOL BLUE25 gPhytotech108.00 
B2742-250DiI Stain250 mgBioVision880.00 
B2742-50DiI Stain50 mgBioVision222.00 
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