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1140296-Well Flat Bottom Waste Plate25 eachEdgeBio113.00 
132006EasyXtal 15-well tool (20)20 platesMolecular Dimensions552.00 
132007EasyXtal 15-well tool (100)100 platesMolecular Dimensions2'454.00 
132008EasyXtal 15-well Tool X-seal (20)20 platesMolecular Dimensions552.00 
132009EasyXtal 15-well Tool X-seal (100)100 platesMolecular Dimensions2'454.00 
132045NeXtal Evolution uplate (10)10 platesMolecular Dimensions231.00 
132046NeXtal Evolution uplate (100)100 platesMolecular Dimensions2'000.00 
132101NeXtal DWBlock Adhesive Foils100 eachMolecular Dimensions298.00 
132105EasyXtal Sealing Tapes100 sheetsMolecular Dimensions532.00 
132106EasyXtal 15-well DG-tool (20)20 platesMolecular Dimensions700.00 
132107EasyXtal 15-well DG-tool (100)100 platesMolecular Dimensions3'090.00 
132108EasyXtal 15-well DG-Tool X-seal (20)20 platesMolecular Dimensions700.00 
132109EasyXtal 15-well DG-Tool X-seal (100)100 platesMolecular Dimensions3'090.00 
1350696-Well Capillary Plates25 well plateEdgeBio190.00 
1996-296-Well Plate2 well plateBioVision64.00 
2835196-Well Plate with Preservative1 well plateNorgen Biotek955.00 
2877796-Well Treated Microplates, V-Bottom10 eachEdgeBio127.00 
3310096-Well Plate Lids100 eachEdgeBio204.00 
400080.45 um 96-well fillter plate6 well plateNorgen Biotek273.00 
400180.45 um 96-Well Filter Plate30 unitsNorgen Biotek1'191.00 
48461Adhesive Plate Sealers100 eachEdgeBio74.00 
48461-SAdhesive Plate Sealers, sample25 eaEdgeBio
Price on request
5006396-Well Treated Microplates, U-Bottom10 eachEdgeBio118.00 
7734096-Well Deep Well Blocks, Sterilized w/ Lid25 eachEdgeBio706.00 
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