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36382Screen Quest Live Cell cAMP Assay Service Pack1 eachAAT Bioquest
Price on request
400101baculoCOMPLETE protein expression kit + baculoQUANT all-in-one5 + 100 reactionsOxford Expression Technologies1'663.00 
9248-1RMiracloth Substitute25 x 1.5 footBioVision108.00 
AES-0403BRFF-HPC1500 mlx Diverse191.00 
AOT000025X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent (AOT00002)20 mlAviva Systems Biology77.00 
AOT000035X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent (AOT00003)100 mlAviva Systems Biology105.00 
AOT000045X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent (AOT00004)250 mlAviva Systems Biology147.00 
CA-09Custom Exosome Isolation from customer provided Conditioned Medium (Up to 390mls). Includes full QC:Particle mean diameter, Protein concentration, RN1 eachZen-Bio, inc.752.00 
INTSHIPBInternational Shipping Additional Charge - Blue Ice1 EachLubioScience100.00 
INTSHIPDInternational Shipping Additional Charge - Dry Ice1 EachLubioScience130.00 
INTSHIPRTInternational Shipping Additional Charge - RT1 EachLubioScience70.00 
OOCD00100Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (BSA - Conjugated)(OOCD00100)10ugAviva Systems Biology264.00 
OOCD00101Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (OVA - Conjugated)(OOCD00101)10ugAviva Systems Biology264.00 
OOCD00104Cortisone (BSA - Conjugated) (OOCD00104)10ugAviva Systems Biology235.00 
OOCD00105Cortisone (OVA - Conjugated) (OOCD00105)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00106Androsterone (BSA - Conjugated) (OOCD00106)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00107Androsterone (OVA - Conjugated) (OOCD00107)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00112Salmon Calcitonin (KLH - Conjugated) (OOCD00112)10ugAviva Systems Biology278.00 
OOCD00115Hyaluronic Acid (BSA - Conjugated) (OOCD00115)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00116Hyaluronic Acid (OVA - Conjugated) (OOCD00116)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00121Androstenediol (BSA - Conjugated) (OOCD00121)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00122Androstenediol (OVA - Conjugated) (OOCD00122)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00124Glutathione (BSA - Conjugated) (OOCD00124)10ugAviva Systems Biology221.00 
OOCD00125Glutathione (OVA - Conjugated) (OOCD00125)10ugAviva Systems Biology249.00 
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