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36382Screen Quest Live Cell cAMP Assay Service Pack1 eachAAT Bioquest
Price on request
T-1200-20EAHyaluronic Acid (HA) ScreeningService20 eaEchelon Biosciences1'793.00 
T-1200-30EAHyaluronic Acid (HA) ScreeningService30 eaEchelon Biosciences2'262.00 
T-1200-40EAHyaluronic Acid (HA) ScreeningService40 eaEchelon Biosciences2'651.00 
T-1300A-1EAPI3-Ka Inhibitor Screening Services1 eaEchelon Biosciences122.00 
T-1300A-20EAPI3-Ka Inhibitor Screening Services20 eaEchelon Biosciences3'255.00 
T-2000-1EAWhole-Cell MEP Pathway-Selective Antibacterial Scre1 eaEchelon Biosciences1'984.00 
T-2800S-20EALPA ELISA Assay Service20 eaEchelon Biosciences3'221.00 
T-2800S-30EALPA ELISA Assay Service30 eaEchelon Biosciences3'650.00 
T-2800S-40EALPA ELISA Assay Service40 eaEchelon Biosciences4'792.00 
T-4200-1EAAutotaxin Inhibitor ScreeningAssay Service1 eaEchelon Biosciences82.00 
T-5600-20EAATX Sandwich ELISA Assay Service20 eaEchelon Biosciences2'852.00 
T-5600-30EAATX Sandwich ELISA Assay Service30 eaEchelon Biosciences3'407.00 
T-5600-40EAATX Sandwich ELISA Assay Service40 eaEchelon Biosciences4'238.00 
CA-09Custom Exosome Isolation from customer provided Conditioned Medium (Up to 390mls). Includes full QC:Particle mean diameter, Protein concentration, RN1 eachZen-Bio, inc.752.00 
SMF-0425-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 425Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-0488-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 488Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-0495-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 495Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-0532-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 532Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-0550-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 550Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-0565-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 565Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-0590-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 590Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-0740-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with ATTO 740Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur1'597.00 
SMF-1001-5Stellaris FISH Probes, Custom Assay with TAMRA Dye5 nmolLGC Biosearch Technologies Eur800.00 
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