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PCR, Cloning & Primers(1)
PCR, Cloning and Primers - Nucleotides
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
14138Biotin-14-dATP1 mgActive Motif533.00 
2121-100ATP Solution (100 mM)100 ulBioVision89.00 
30029-110 mM dNTP Set, PCR Grade, 750 uL each dNTP750 ulLucigen198.00 
30029-210 mM dNTP Set, PCR Grade, 5 X Cat. No. 30029-15 eachLucigen722.00 
30030-12.5 mM dNTP Mix, PCR Grade, 2 mL (2 x 1 mL)2 mlLucigen124.00 
30030-22.5 mM dNTP Mix, PCR Grade, 10 mL (5 x Cat. No. 30030-1)10 mlLucigen383.00 
30030-32.5 mM dNTP Mix, PCR Grade, 20 mL (10 x Cat. No. 30030-1)10 eachLucigen685.00 
55020UDP-Azide-Glucose1 vialActive Motif414.00 
9002-1dNTP Mix (1 ml)1 mlBioVision121.00 
9876557-10GATP disodium salt10 gPeprotech105.00 
9876557-50GATP disodium salt50 gPeprotech402.00 
AM8050Cap Analog (m7G(5')ppp(5')G) (25 A254 U/tube)A260U (40 MM)Applied Biosystems602.00 
AM8052Cap Analog (m7G(5')ppp(5')G) (100 A254 U/tube)A260U (40 MM)Applied Biosystems1'802.00 
B2702-250Didanosine250 mgBioVision247.00 
B2702-50Didanosine50 mgBioVision83.00 
B2997-1000Remdesivir1 mgBioVision418.00 
B2997-500Remdesivir500 ugBioVision247.00 
B7950-100UL(10MM)Aminoallyl-dUTP, 100ul (10mM)100 ulApex Bio137.00 
B7950-1MGAminoallyl-dUTP, 1mg1 mgApex Bio219.00 
B7950-1ML(10MM)Aminoallyl-dUTP, 1ml (10mM)1 mlApex Bio815.00 
B7950-5MGAminoallyl-dUTP, 5mg5 mgApex Bio810.00 
B7951-100UL(10MM)Aminoallyl-UTP, 100ul (10mM)100 ulApex Bio137.00 
B7951-1MGAminoallyl-UTP, 1mg1 mgApex Bio198.00 
B7951-1ML(10MM)Aminoallyl-UTP, 1ml (10mM)1 mlApex Bio815.00