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PCR, Cloning and Primers - PCR Mastermixes
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
280092X PCR Master Mix500 reactionsNorgen Biotek320.00 
28340TaqMan 2X PCR Master Mix100 reactionsNorgen Biotek220.00 
30066-1LavaLAMP DNA Master Mix, 200 Reactions200 reactionsLucigen417.00 
30067-1LavaLAMP DNA Master Mix with Dye, 200 Reactions200 reactionsLucigen430.00 
30086-1LavaLAMP RNA Master Mix, 200 Reactions200 reactionsLucigen430.00 
30087-1LavaLAMP RNA Master Mix with Dye, 200 Reactions200 reactionsLucigen443.00 
LS27FastGene Taq 2x Ready Mix (250 rxns)250 reactionsNippon Genetics Europe GmbH144.00 
M1127-1000Ready PCR Mix1000 reactionsBioVision538.00 
M1127-200Ready PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision165.00 
M1128-1000Ready PCR Mix-Dye1000 reactionsBioVision538.00 
M1128-200Ready PCR Mix-Dye200 reactionsBioVision165.00 
M1129-200Image Ready PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision285.00 
M1130-1000Robust Ready PCR Mix1000 reactionsBioVision658.00 
M1130-200Robust Ready PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision190.00 
M1131-1000Robust Ready PCR Mix-Dye1000 reactionsBioVision658.00 
M1131-200Robust Ready PCR Mix-Dye200 reactionsBioVision190.00 
M1132-200Rigor PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision317.00 
M1133-200Rigor PCR Mix-Dye200 reactionsBioVision317.00 
M1134-200Breeze PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision253.00 
M1135-200Breeze PCR Mix-Dye200 reactionsBioVision253.00 
M1136-200Distant PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision285.00 
M1137-200Distant PCR Mix-Dye200 reactionsBioVision285.00 
M1138-200Image Distant PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision317.00 
M1139-200Advance PCR Mix200 reactionsBioVision380.00 
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