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Proteins, Peptides & Inhibitors - Peptides
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
1241-1Oxidized Glutathione (GSSG)1 gBioVision124.00 
1242-1Reduced Glutathione (GSH)1 gBioVision124.00 
12609NTA maleimide5 mgAAT Bioquest175.00 
1821-25Heparin-Binding Peptide I25 mgBioVision462.00 
1821-5Heparin-Binding Peptide I5 mgBioVision121.00 
1822-25Heparin-Binding Peptide II25 mgBioVision418.00 
1822-5Heparin-Binding Peptide II5 mgBioVision108.00 
1823-25Heparin-Binding Peptide III25 mgBioVision393.00 
1823-5Heparin-Binding Peptide III5 mgBioVision102.00 
1824-25Integrin Ligand peptide25 mgBioVision393.00 
1824-5Integrin Ligand peptide5 mgBioVision102.00 
2233-01Histone H3 Peptide-Biotin Conjugate100 ugBioVision222.00 
2233-1Histone H3 Peptide-Biotin Conjugate1 mgBioVision1'259.00 
4249-20Recombinant Rat MIP-1b (CCL4)20 ugBioVision265.00 
4598-20Recombinant Human Soluble Interleukin-6 (IL-6) Receptor20 ugBioVision265.00 
500ASNAP-25 Recomb Protein Substrate for C. botulinum Type A andE Neurotoxin100 ugList Biologicals512.00 
510AGST Synaptobrevin-2 Protein Recomb. Protein Substrate for C.botulinum Type B, D and F100 ugList Biologicals543.00 
520SNAPtide Peptide Substrate (o-Abz/Dnp) (U.S. Patent ,50,00)200 nmolesList Biologicals828.00 
521SNAPtide Peptide Substrate (FITC/DABCYL) (U.S. Patent ,50,00)200 nmolesList Biologicals733.00 
525Control Peptide for SNAPtide├ĺ520200 nmolesList Biologicals733.00 
526Control Peptide for SNAPtide 52200 nmolesList Biologicals733.00 
528Unquenched Calibration Peptidefor SNAPtide 5250 nmolesList Biologicals316.00 
529Unquenched Calibration Peptidefor SNAPtide 52050 nmolesList Biologicals316.00 
530MAPKKide Peptide Substrate (o-Abz/Dnp)200 nmolesList Biologicals480.00