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Proteins, Peptides & Inhibitors - Proteases
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
17920Proteinase K (lyophilized)24 mg (2 vials of 12Norgen Biotek82.00 
28229Proteinase K in storage buffer(20mg/mL)5 x 1mLNorgen Biotek190.00 
29012Protease20 mgActive Motif195.00 
30-031001-100UGHIV1 protease IIIB protein100 ugFitzgerald Industries689.00 
30-1203-25UGProteinase 3 protein25 ugFitzgerald Industries483.00 
30-1246-100UGProteinase 3 protein100 ugFitzgerald Industries707.00 
30801-2SUMO Express Protease, 200 U1 eachLucigen340.00 
30810-1SelecTEV Protease, 1,000 Units1 eachLucigen209.00 
30810-2SelecTEV Protease, 5,000 Units1 eachLucigen743.00 
30-AP26-1MGPlasmin protein1 mgFitzgerald Industries478.00 
30-AP70-200UGProteinase 3 protein200 ugFitzgerald Industries806.00 
30R-2901-500MGProteinase K protein500 mgFitzgerald Industries564.00 
30R-AA013-100UGBacillus Anthracis (Anthrax) protein (Lethal Antigen)100 ugFitzgerald Industries905.00 
30R-AP027-100UGProteinase 3 protein100 ugFitzgerald Industries932.00 
37490Protease Inhibitor Cocktail1 mlActive Motif230.00 
37491Protease Inhibitor Cocktail5 mlActive Motif492.00 
46303Proteinase K in storage buffer(20mg/mL)1.2 mLNorgen Biotek80.00 
7847-100EZCut TEV Protease, Recombinant100 ugBioVision114.00 
9211-100Proteinase K, Recombinant, 20 mg/ml Solution, Molecular Grade100 mlBioVision1'360.00 
AR0056-5MLProteinase K5 mlBoster Bio118.00 
C560-31N-05CPB (carboxypeptidase B), Active0.5 mgSignalChem234.00 
C560-31N-250CPB (carboxypeptidase B), Active250 mgSignalChem3'295.00 
C560-31N-5CPB (carboxypeptidase B), Active5 mgSignalChem500.00 
C560-31N-50CPB (carboxypeptidase B), Active50 mgSignalChem1'964.00 
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