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qPCR Assays, Master Mixes, Probes & RNAi - Reverse Transcription Reagents
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
30250-1RapiDxFire Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase, 50 Reactions50 reactionsLucigen525.00 
30250-2RapiDxFire Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase, 250 Reactions250 reactionsLucigen2'063.00 
31-5220-0050RClassic++ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit50 reactionsTonbo Biosciences347.00 
31-5220-0100RClassic++™ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit100 rxnsTonbo Biosciences633.00 
31-5300-0025RFastSCRIPT cDNA Synthesis Kit25 reactionsTonbo Biosciences220.00 
31-5300-0100RFastSCRIPT cDNA Synthesis Kit100 reactionsTonbo Biosciences621.00 
33410Plum Pox Virus PCR Primer Set and Controls for RT-PCR100 reactionsNorgen Biotek900.00 
33510Plum Pox Virus PCR Primer Set and Controls for qRT-PCR100 reactionsNorgen Biotek900.00 
54400TruScript First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit for mRNA50 reactionsNorgen Biotek462.00 
54410microScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit50 reactionsNorgen Biotek581.00 
54415microScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit12 reactionsNorgen Biotek163.00 
54420TruScript First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit50 reactionsNorgen Biotek484.00 
54440TruScript Reverse Transcriptase10000 unitsNorgen Biotek267.00 
ABX071024-10KUReverse Transcriptase (cDNA up to 8 kb) Enzyme10 kUAbbexa Ltd464.00 
ABX071024-50KUReverse Transcriptase (cDNA up to 8 kb) Enzyme50 kUAbbexa Ltd696.00 
ABX071025-10KUReverse Transcriptase (cDNA up to 12 kb) Enzyme10 kUAbbexa Ltd514.00 
ABX071025-50KUReverse Transcriptase (cDNA up to 12 kb) Enzyme50 kUAbbexa Ltd895.00 
ABX071026-10KUReverse Transcriptase (cDNA up to 15 kb) Enzyme10 kUAbbexa Ltd679.00 
ABX073903-10000UMoloney Leukemia Virus Reverse Trancscriptase (Recombinant)10000 UAbbexa Ltd332.00 
ABX073903-2500UMoloney Leukemia Virus Reverse Trancscriptase (Recombinant)2500 UAbbexa Ltd216.00 
ABX073903-50000UMoloney Leukemia Virus Reverse Trancscriptase (Recombinant)50000 UAbbexa Ltd1'060.00 
ABX098014-100REACTIONScDNA Synthesis SuperMix100 reactionsAbbexa Ltd613.00 
ABX098014-50REACTIONScDNA Synthesis SuperMix50 reactionsAbbexa Ltd514.00 
ABX098015-100REACTIONSOne-Step gDNA Removal and cDNA Synthesis SuperMix (8 kb)100 reactionsAbbexa Ltd630.00