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Vectors, Clones & Libraries - Bacterial Expression Vectors
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Product NumberName of ItemProduct SizeSupplierList Price (CHF)to Cart
49001-1Expresso T7 Cloning and Expression System, N-His, 5 rxns1 eachLucigen303.00 
49001-2Expresso T7 Cloning and Expression System, N-His, 10 rxns1 eachLucigen513.00 
49002-1Expresso T7 Cloning and Expression System, C-His, 5 rxns1 eachLucigen303.00 
49002-2Expresso T7 Cloning and Expression System, C-His, 10 rxns1 eachLucigen513.00 
49003-1Expresso T7 SUMO Cloning and Expression System, 5 rxns1 eachLucigen401.00 
49003-2Expresso T7 SUMO Cloning and Expression System, 10 rxns1 eachLucigen678.00 
49011-1Expresso Rhamnose Cloning andExpression Syst.,N-His,5 rxns1 eachLucigen303.00 
49011-2Expresso Rhamnose Cloning andExpression Syst.,N-His,10 rxns1 eachLucigen513.00 
49012-1Expresso Rhamnose Cloning andExpression Syst.,C-His,5 rxns1 eachLucigen303.00 
49012-2Expresso Rhamnose Cloning andExpression Syst,C-His,10 rxns1 eachLucigen513.00 
49013-1Expresso Rhamnose SUMO Cloningand Expression System,5 rxns1 eachLucigen401.00 
49013-2ExpressoRhamnose SUMO Cloningand Expression System,10 rxns1 eachLucigen678.00 
49021-1Rhamnose Solution, 20% w/v, 5x 1.25 mL1 eachLucigen122.00 
49022-1Glucose Solution, 15% w/v, 5 x1.25 mL1 eachLucigen122.00 
49023-1Arabinose Solution, 1000X, 5 x1 mL1 eachLucigen119.00 
49062-1Expresso Solubility/Express.Syst +SelecTEV Protease, 24 rxns1 eachLucigen1'379.00 
49064-1Expresso Solubility/Express.Syst+ Hi-Fi Polymerase, 24 rxns1 eachLucigen1'316.00 
49066-1Expresso Solubility/Express.Syst+Protease+Hi-Fi Polym,24 rxns1 eachLucigen1'418.00 
GA1020-05Gibson Assembly - pUCGA1.05 rxnTonbo Biosciences119.00 
GA1020-100Gibson Assembly - pUCGA1.0100 rxnTonbo Biosciences175.00